zion hill

Zion Hill Cemetery

The original Bawtinheimers are buried here in the Zion Hill Church cemetery not far from the Bawtinheimer homestead on Mineral Springs Road.
It's a pioneer cemetery sitting in gently rolling farmland in a still undeveloped part of Ontario.  Very rural and peaceful.The church, now closed and privately occupied, was originally a Methodist Church, the church of our ancestors until it became a United Church. My grandfather, Peter Bawtinheimer, loved to visit the church on Sunday drives ( and other family cemeteries in the area. He called it "visiting" the family) and remembers as a young man following a horse-driven funeral cortege to the cemetery. I remember there was a shed for the horse-drawn carriages behind the church but that has disappeared.

The place is full of Bawtinheimer stones, some of the deceased born as far back as the 1ate 1700s.  Sadly many of the older stones lie their sides and the inscriptions are often barely legible if at all. Soon they'll disappear and nobody will know who is buried where. 

The fallen Bawtinheimer stones could be raised and cleaned but this is unlikely to happen.

Contrast this with the Whitebrick Church near the Potruff farm. It still functions as a church, albeit one day a year, and its cemetery is beautifully maintained by volunteers. Many Potruffs are buried here, including my great parents whom I knew well.  Grandma Potruff played the church organ. My grandmother's Sunday school class met regularly into old age and they all died off.

Myrtle Bawtinheimer married Peter Bawtinheimer. He remembered driving a horse and buggy between his home on Mineral Springs Road to her home on (I love the names) Fidler's Green. Myrtle's father, Archie Potruff,  was a buggy maker and farmer.

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