Windsor,  Ontario, 1956

peer at cbe desk

I was a one-man newsroom at CBE, CBC Radio's Windsor, Ontario station.

 I moved there from CKOC, the Hamilton radio station where I had been a reporter and editor for about a year.  Before that I was  a mail boy  then a copy clerk in the National Radio Newsroom at 364 Jarvis Street in Toronto. Note that most items on my desk are now obsolete!

windsor airport

CBE was located on the top floor of the Security Building which was then the tallest building in Windsor.  My office had a unobstructed view of the Detroit River and downtown Detroit which was being rebuilt (disastrously as it turn out) at the time.  The white population was using the newly-built freeways to escape to new homes in the suburbs. 

Paul Martin Sr., the federal  Minister of Health in the Liberal government of  had his law office in the same building.  There was a coffee shop on the ground floor and I remember Martin ( father or our future prime minister )spilling his cup of coffee as we sat side by side on stools at the country.

Martin was a master politician who took pride in remembering the names of constituents in his home riding in Essex County.  I remember the time he  came up to me during a glad-handing rally in Essex, took me firmly by the hand and said "Hello Jim, how are this evening".  He said it with such conviction that for a moment I really believed my name was "Jim".

I first met Lloyd Robertson at CBC Windsor.  He was a student at Western University and had summer relief announcers job at CBE.  Warren Davis,  another announcer who years later became the National TV host, was also working there. 

A third summer relief announcer who also became a good friend was Orest Ulan.  Orest went on to an acting career and CBC announcer in Halifax.  (He also spent time at the Stratford Shakepeare Festival where the love of his life was Margaret (Nony) Griffen who gain conserable succuss as a television actress.)