lleonard nimot
Peter Reynolds and Leonard Nimoy, Toronto
. See interview below.

This is me and Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy ("Spock") was taken at a commercial ( as opposed to  "fan") Star Trek convention held at a hotel near Toronto International Airport.  Steve Paiken of TVOntario was interviewing Nimoy for our documentary about Star Trek fandom. 

The freelance project involved myself, my son Peter, as producer, freelance researcher Alan Arsenault and camerman Phil Pendry.  Super Star Trek
fan and science fiction expert  Peter Bloc Hansen also made a major contribution.  Steve Paiken at TVOntario interviewed Nimoy and James "Scotty" Doohan when thought we might sell the documentary to TVO.  More about the TVO deal later.

I interviewed most of the others, including Walter "Chekov" Koenig.  Alan Arsenault interviewed actor John delancey who played "Q" in Star Trek, The Next Generation  Nobody got  paid.  Alan also got our interview with Kevin Pollak by simply phoning the SuttonPlace hotel and asking for Pollak's room. Pollak answered the phone and said yes to the interview.

It all began very modestly with an idea to do a short film on the 25th Star Trek Celebrations in Toronto in 1993 but grew into an uncontrollable monster.  It became a classic case of how not to do a major documentary.  We had no focus, no idea where were going as we gathered tape after tape of Star Trek-related material. It became almost a compulsion to grab anything we could related to Star Trek.  The original idea of a modest little film faded away.  In the end we had assembled 65 Betcam tapes! All of them are stored in my basement awaiting resurrection.

We made a series attempt to pull it together using TVO editors and the help of Steve Paiken (a Trekky himself,who wrote one draft script. But nothing jelled and we abandoned the project. The main reason was TVO's demand that we get signed "releases" from everyone we had interviewed,  a nearly impossible task as we saw it.

Some of the parts we did assemble in our short relationship with TVO are now on YouTube.

kevin pollak
Kevin Pollak

An interview Peter Reynolds Jr. did with actor/impressionist Kevin Pollak has proven to be astonishingly popular, 371,422 hits and counting, but not (just as astonishingly) a profile of Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry (1,900 views).

 Steve Paiken's interview with Leonard Nimoy has also been popular (81,00 + hits). A personal favorite is the interview I did  with actor John
Colicos, the first Klingon.  We did it in his comfortable home in Toronto. He came across as  having the most thoughtful insights  about Star Trek fans.

John Colocos
John Colocos
Surprisingly, there has  been relatively little interest in my Youtube video about Gene Roddenberry, given his God-like status by many fans.

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