The Empress and Shah of Iran

iran royal
                              family and isobel bassett

This is the  the Shah and Empress of Iran with CTV reporter Isabel Bassett  outside  the Royal Palace in Tehren. I was there with Isabel  to film a profile of Empress Farah Palavi 
for the CTV series "W-5". With the Empress's son, Prince Reza, and daughter, we had gone to this part of the grounds to interview Farah Diba.  Suddenly, in the distance, I saw a lone man coming towards us across the grounds. He was weaving his way to avoid puddles left by the snow. It was the Shah who we told we could not meet during our stay in Tehran.  He said he had come to find out was going on. He shook hands, said a  few amiable words and left. Less than a year later in 1970, he was overthrown in the Islamist revolution and went into exile with his family.

                                  peter greeting shah           
The visit included a stop a at the palace gymnasium to watch Prince Reza play baseball with friends. Two of his siblings committed suicide in exile.

peter greets

          That's the back of me ( in my suede coat)as I shake hands with the Shah
Princess Leila Pahlavi, also pictured. committed suicide in 2001. Their youngest son Ali-Reza Pahlavi, took his life in 2011.

Isabel's main interview with the Queen took place took place in a magnificently appointed sitting room. I remember the private washroom in the room had gold-platted fixtures How did I know this? Because I used it just before the Queen arrived. I don't remember a word the Queen said. But I do remember the Golden Toilet.

empress and isobel