Pete (grandfather)
with munroe

My grandfather Pete ( Peter Bawtinheimer) loved having his picture taken and often as not would wave at the camera,  My brother Ralph and I never called him grandpa or grandfather; it was always Pete.   Similarly we called our grandmother, Peter's wife, Dan or Danny.  Why I don't know.  It could be they were still relatively young and didn't like being called grandpa and grandma.
Myrtle and Peter "Pete" Bawinheimer in daughter
 Lorine Bedwell's home in Hamiton

 Curiously, their son, Earl, was also nicknamed Pete by his friends.  Earl joined the RCAF during World War II and was killed in an air crash in Nova Scotia.

Pete was more of father to us two fatherless boys than a grandfather. The story goes that my father, Philip, was thrown out of the house when he was caught having an affair with another woman. Ralph and I were infants when this happened.  Mom divorced Philip and never mentioned his name in my presence.  Ralph, on the other hand, knew Philip, his new wife and their two daugthers.  They would occasionally meet at the  

philip ross reynolds

Philip Reynolds, a still frame from 8mm
 film shot at Summerlin Christmas party.

home of  our cousin, Ruthie Summerlin, who lived nearby on South Oval (just behind the present-day Tim Hortons.

Pete was born on the Mineral Springs Rd. farm, went to a one-room nearby,was a farmer during the lst world war, and moved to Westdale to setup a haulage business on Maklin Avenue.
Pete's trucks lined up in Yard

yard 2
Yard buildings after Pete.s death. Now demollshe

ed property close to the Governor's Road and in Dundas. The farmhouse  still exists, a beautiful stone structure on a low rise of land, now surrounded by houses. His son and daughter lived on that farm and I think it was from there they all went out West to harvest crops as farm laborers. ours.

At the height of the trucking business,Pete had at least 5 Dodge dump trucks. In later years, when Ralph took over the business, the company, known as "Peter Bawtinheimer, Sand and Gravel", bought International trucks from International Harvester.