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hockey game top view
Munro Table Hockey game, circa 1954

This hand-crafted replica is fully functional. and, like the original, built to last more than one lifetime. It has a unique slopping  wood surface that keeps the ball-bearing "puck" in almost continuous motion. See videos on this site for game in action.

<>There are five men to a side, plus the goalies. Each team moves in unison in a pinball-like action (see picture below). A pivoting goalie guards the nets. In the deluxe model, a scoring goal drops into a receptacle fixed to the outside of the game. The traditional colours are red and green. The red and green nets, like the originals, are hand crocheted.


hockey bottom view

Underside showing wire linkage, wire players,  springs  and ball-catcher troughs

The game is assembled with screws. Little glue is used. Should adjustments or repairs be needed,and  the game can be disassebled.   Replacement parts can be purchased at any hardware or building supply outlet or fashioned by hand.  

The game was famous for its durability.  I have seen original Munro games from the late 1930s and early 1940s in  near perfect working order. It is truly "eco-friendly"!.