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Great for birthday parties, fund-raising events, cottages, vacation and sking resorts, hotel and condominium games rooms

$ 155.00 (Canadian)

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Original game was endorsed by Babe Ruth

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These are hand-crafted replicas of the Munro Game Company's mechanical baseball game. Made primarily from wood, they were manufactured in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the 1940s.

Two or more people can play the game. One player is the pitcher, the other the batter. Pulling a spring-loaded lever, the pitcher throws the ball ( a steel ball bearing ) at he batter. The batter, pulling on a spring-loaded lever, swings at the ball. Points where the ball can land ( "ball", "out", "bunt", "strike", etc.) are sectioned off with wire gates. or traps. Runners, represented by red dowels are inserted in holes at first, second and third base. Dials keep track of hits, runs and innings.

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