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Training videos for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


  Australian Sign Language dictionary


Recent Discoveries

British Red Crossed first aid videos

Swedish heavy metal tune in sign language

Scotland's Census 2011 in BSL

New Zealand Census in Sign Language (NZSL)

New South Wales (Australia) Government Health Care Complaint Commission. 

Auslan ( Australian sign language) videos

New Zealand Office of Disability Issues Sign Language Videos

Dorset, England, National Health Service in BSL

Note: Uses its own YouTube channel. Worth emulating by other juristictions.

Irish General Election report in Irish Sign Language.

Ireland TV. Weekly weather forecast in Irish Sign Language

This the first time I've seem this service offered.  I"m  impressed.!v=1109042

SIGNMARK. Finnish sign language rapper.


British Deaf Association

Clean, straight-forward site. Very impressive

Britsh Telecom BT

British Sign Language Guide to Democracy, British Election Commision

Auslan (Australian Sign Language)  goes Android at Sports Museum

Queensland, Australia, floods: Premier Anna Bligh uses sign langage interpreter. YouTube.

Glasgow City Council, Scotland

BSL Sign Language Services

Lewisham Council, UK

Council information in British Sign Language

Cardiff Council (UK) Sign Language Information

Manchester, England, Sign Language Service

Deaf people can call Manchester City Council using SignVideo Web Access,

 an online sign language interpreting service, from their own home for free!

BSL News

News in British Sign Language

Viewtalk ( UK )

Online video messaging for deaf signers to communicate using the web. community. The website allows the deaf community to record and send private messages to each other.

Australia: Disasters prove value of sign language interpreters

ABC News, Australia

City of Plymouth, England.

British election special by BSL Trust.

New Brunswick: Provincial elections: Sign Language questions and answers.

St Paul’s Cathedral, London, England

Scottish Green Party 2007 election ads on Youtube.

(If you know of other, similar sites we will gladly add them to this listing.

Canada (ASL)

Canadian Senate Educational Video ( also in LSQ)

Canadian Blood  Services

New Brunswick: election Sign Language questions and answers.

Canadian Hearing Society

Ontario Human Rights Commission "Rights and Responsiblities" in ASL.

ASL video guide to Ottawa, Ontario public library services. A Canadian first?

Ontario Emergency Management "Be Prepared" video.

 Guide To Police Services in Toronto,

Ontario Ministry of Health: Flu season

Health Care Options listed by Ontario Ministry of Health Social Services. ASL Version.

(This not an official Ministry site

Diversity and Alberta Health Services

Quebec (LSQ)

Provincial government information produced in co-operation with la Fondation des Sourds du Québec.


United States

Western Pennsylvania Health Services  Information for people who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing

Mormon Church.

. IRS ( USA) Youtube page with tax tips in ASL. Click on "American Sign Language" at top of page


USDA (USA) Food Safety and Inspection Service Daily Digest ( a US site) offers" free, reliable health information for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing"


Deaf Md. Westminster, Maine, USA. "Bridging Medical and Deaf World" A to Z.

National Center for Deaf Health Research, Rochester, NY. Links to many health topics. Good resource.

Food Safety Videos. United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service

Health information in ASL provided by Advocate Illinois Medical Center, Chicago. Excellent resource

Evacuating the Area of a Hurricane. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, USA.

Oklahoma's Assistive Technology Program. Messages about Fire Safety and Prevention for People with Disabilities A 24 minute video presented in American Sign Language and captions.

Disability Law Lowdown

Swine Flue Questions and Answers. ASL files from the National Center for Deaf Health Research, Rochester, NY.

Mormon Church,19952,6546-1,00.html

Deaf Video ( Evangelical Christian videos)


Britain (British Sign Language, BSL)

British Red Cross first aid

Dorset England, National Health Service videos for the Deaf.

British Telecom BT

City of Cardiff, Wales, 

Communications Support for Deaf People (YouTube)

News in British Sign Language

City of Plymouth, England

St Paul’s Cathedral, London, England

Northumbria Police monthly roundup in BSL

British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust

Gloucestershire County Council

British Museum Takes Initiative With Children's BSL Web Project (copy and paste link if needed)

Royal National Institute for the Deaf RNI

Scottish Parliament

Bristol City Council

National Health Service (H1 N1)

National Health Service, Scotland

ITV(Independent Television) news in BSL

Tate Britain

Wimbledon Museum Launches Innovative Sign Language Guides

Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Information on guided tours in BSL

Wolverhampton's Bantock House Wins Award For Unique Deaf Project (hand-held BSL guides)

British Museum Takes Initiative With Children's BSL Web Project

National Art Gallery, BSL tour of exhibits

North Yorkshire County Council municipal

Sign Language pages to promote business.

Fire Kills - Fire safety tips by DirectGov website of British Government

Screen Learning. BSL l versions of four of our Smart Cat Profiling Games.



International Sign Language

Schönbrunn Castle


European Union

European Union of the Deaf has produced a DVD titled

 'Guide to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities'

Ádám KÓSA,

Hungarian first Deaf member of the European Parliament, addresses Parliament in sign language.

Museum Sign Language Guide  (PDF file)

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


European Museum of Modern Glass, Colburg


Women's Museum, Copenhagen


Swedish Parliament


Australia: Disasters prove value of sign language interpreters

ABC News, Australia

New Zeeland

New Zealand Census in Sign Language

Office for Disability Issues Sign Language Videos


NZSL Week Hero - Karishma


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