cottagenew front
This is (was) our cottage on Farqhuar Lake, in the township of Haliburton, Ontario, near the village of Wilberforce. It is built around the original log cabin that sat on the shore of the lake.  We could not have been this close to the lake if we didn't already have a building on the spot.  Provincial laws require totally new buildings to set well back from the shoreline.


This is the original log cabin that formed the basis of the new cottage.  We discovered it was for sale while staying at a cottage further down the lake that was owned by the late Jim Reneris, a friend from Toronto who owned the Home Hardware on Parliament Street.   Jim let use his cottage free of charge and was a big help in getting us settled into the cabin which was in a dilapidated state when we purchased it from Terry Bowman, who had been a member of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. There was no electricity, no running water and no indoor toilet.  We  had to use a chemical toilet, propane lights and buckets of water from the lake.  There was a propane refrigerator which we had repaired and electricity brought in.

cabin fronto=
Front of original cabin facing lake. Note propane tank behind Peter Jr

A small metal boat and motor came with the cabin and I built a crude dock to tie it up to.