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A television and internet project revived after 3 year hiatus.


In 2008, thanks to the BBC Radio Northern Ireland and the internet, we learned the identities of six of the children we are looking for in Derry (Londonderry), Northern Ireland.

Recorded 2008. Click image to play audio



Background to project


I took the pictures seen below over 30 years ago. At the time I was a news and current affairs producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation based in London, England. I had been sent to Derry to prepare a television report on the aftermath of "Bloody Sunday". That was the day British paratroopers killed 13 Catholic protesters taking part in a peaceful demonstration. My plan is to find these children, most of whom would now be in their late and 30s and 40s and interview them for a a possible  documentary.  What has happened to them over the years? How many  still live in Derry? How were  their lives affected by the violence? If you are one of the people in these pictures, or know who they are, I would appreciate hearing from you

Hopefully I would like to do an audio or video interview (via Skype) with each person I find and post it on this site.




Photo # 1. Boy 1, Boy 2, Boy 3, Boy 4, Boy 5

Photo # 2. Girl 1, Girl 2


We received an e-mail message indentifying
these boys as the McDaid brothers.
There mother still lives on Abbot's Walk.





Photo # 3: Girl 1, Girl 2

Photo # 4: Boy 1, Boy 2, Boy3. Boy 4



Photo # 5
Photo # 6


This is Peter O'Donnell who lived on Cable Street. His sister still lives there.



Photo # 7 Girl 1 Boy 2 Girl 3


Photo # 8 Girl 1 Girl 2


Photo # 9




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